What is the Graduate & Postdoctoral Writing Center (GPWC)?

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Writing Center (GPWC) is an initiative that grew out of a collaboration between the Writing Resources Center, the Division of Research, and the Graduate School at UNC Charlotte. It offers specialized writing support to graduate-level students and postdoctoral scholars at all stages of the academic writing process. Additionally, writers can get feedback on texts written for a variety of contexts, such as 

  • Classes:  Papers, presentations, multimodal projects
  • Degree milestones:  Comprehensive exams, thesis/dissertation proposals and chapters, proposal and final slide decks
  • Conferences:  Proposals, papers, slide decks, posters
  • Journals:  Research articles, review articles
What support does the GPWC offer?

The GPWC provides a variety of support for masters and doctoral students, as well as postdoctoral scholars, including: 

  1. Individual appointments for one-on-one feedback
  2. Dissertation coaching
  3. Writing events, including workshops and writing groups
  4. Writing classes
What doesn’t the GPWC offer?

The GPWC will support writers at any stage of the writing process. However, the GPWC tutors will not do your writing for you, including editing and formatting your work.

Where are you located?

The GPWC tutors hold in-person appointments in  Denny 213 andoffer online synchronous appointments via Zoom. Additionally, writers are welcome to make asynchronous e-tutoring appointments.

What are the differences between the types of appointments?

We offer three modes of appointments with graduate writers:

Face to face appointments : Face to face appointments are in-person, on-campus appointments where you meet with  a tutor to discuss feedback on your writing. We strongly encourage you to schedule at least one (preferably your first) appointment in person to help foster a healthy working collaboration with our tutors and clarity of your goals for a given writing assignment.

In-person is best for …

  • Brainstorming
  • Reviewing feedback
  • Learning new writing techniques
  • Integrating into Charlotte’s graduate writing community 

Video conferencing: Video conferencing appointments occur over Zoom. You may log in to the GPWC Zoom (link on website homepage)   at the scheduled time of your appointment, and a tutor will go over the assignment with you.

Zoom is best for…

  • Brainstorming
  • Reviewing feedback
  • Learning new writing techniques
  • Integrating into Charlotte’s graduate writing community 

E-tutoring: E-tutoring appointments involve asynchronous tutoring, wherein a tutor provides feedback on a client’s writing. Clients are not required to be present during e-tutoring sessions. Clients schedule an appointment time during which the tutor will provide feedback. Clients receive the tutor’s feedback via a client report form by the end of the appointment time. 

E-tutoring is best for…

  • The end of the writing process
  • A complete draft that needs polishing
  • Please note: Tutors cannot edit full documents for citation and grammar/mechanics issues. Through e-tutoring, tutors can identify patterns in lower order concerns (like, grammar and mechanics), provide citation information, and prepare manuscripts for submission. 
How does e-tutoring work?

We understand that graduate students may have busy schedules. Therefore, if for some reason you are unable to meet with your tutor in person or online, you can choose an e-tutoring appointment.  To book an e-tutoring appointment, upload the draft of your work with the instructions (e.g., assignment directions or journal requirements). You may also upload your feedback on a piece of writing from your professor, peer reviewers, or other readers. A tutor will review your writing and accompanying information and send you feedback within the time frame of the assigned appointment. You will receive an email with your feedback at the end of your scheduled appointment time.

What should I do to prepare for an appointment with the GPWC?

We suggest that you come to your appointment with your questions or concerns about your writing as well as an intention or goal for your work.

Do you take walk-in appointments?

We currently do not accept walk-in appointments.