The WRC is a vibrant intellectual community of thinkers, writers, and learners. Together, we ask writing-related questions and seek to find answers through secondary and primary research. The WRC is a unique place where faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students engage in inquiry-based research together.

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WRC Undergraduate Tutor Research Award

This award funds a tutor’s ongoing writing center-related research and/or conference expenses up to $1500, which includes a $250 stipend payable upon completion of the project. This award is made possible by Tonya Wertz-Orbaugh. For the inaugural year (2023-2024), the WRC awarded two undergraduate researchers:

Bree Johnson, “Building an Emotionally Intelligent Writing Center”

Bree’s research is focused on integrating emotional/mindfulness training into our writing center, and watching over the course of an academic year how this training  influences and helps both tutors and clients in the center.

Maya Osaka, “Disability and Neurodiversity in Writing Center Design.”

Maya’s project will explore the way that disability and accessibility are conceptualized in Writing Centers from the perspective of Writing Center tutors and directors.

Current Projects

Wr”I”te: A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group

This group of students is passionate about promoting linguistic diversity at Charlotte. They meet twice per month and are currently creating multilingual promotional materials, including accessible videos, flyers, and website information.

Accessibility in the Writing Center

WRC consultants are engaged in group and individual projects that will contribute to the accessibility of the WRC for both students and tutors. Student projects focus on mindfulness and emotion management, neurodivergent tutors and physical space, and methods for supporting writers with ADHD.

Marketing, Promotion, and Outreach

Our team is committed to reaching all Niners! Therefore, we plan to employ evidence-based methods for marketing, promotion, and outreach. The director and an undergraduate tutor are developing an outreach project that will help us understand which departments we currently support and how we can reach those we’re not yet supporting.

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