Resources for Faculty

We strive to provide equitable support for multilingual, multidialectal, and international writers.

“Multilingual writers include international visa holders, refugees, permanent residents, and undocumented immigrants, as well as naturalized and native-born citizens of the United States and Canada. Many have grown up speaking languages other than English at home, in their communities, and in schools; others began to acquire English at a very young age and have used it alongside their native languages.” READ MORE HERE

Conference on College Composition & Communication Position Statement on Second Language Writing and Multilingual Writers

Consult with a WRC director

Our director (Dr. Katie Garahan) and associate director (Dr. Jan Rieman) can talk with you about supporting the specific language needs of your students. If you’d like to set up a consultation with a director, please email us at

Receive Help with Citation Instruction

Standards of scholarly communication and what constitutes plagiarism vary across cultures. Therefore, students who are unfamiliar with U.S. scholarly practices might need extra instruction and support related to synthesizing and attributing source material. The WRC offers workshops for APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles. For more information, visit our request a classroom presentation page.

Additional Resources

We recommend Purdue University’s extensive Faculty Guide for Working with Multilingual Student Writers. It’s contents include: “The Contexts of Multilingual Writing,” “Common Concerns about Multilingual Students and Writing,” “Methods for Supporting Multilingual Writing,” and “Resources.”

More resources coming soon!